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The Institute for Social- and Health Psychology possesses extensive experience in the field of applied health psychology and prevention, especially in the field of drug and addiction prevention. The system „school“is a specially suitable place for the supply of the prevention of dependence. Within the scope of the education principle of health promotion, it is statutorily fixed in Austria since 1997. Therefore, services concerning school and out-of-school prevention of dependence are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the research team of the ISG (compare research projects).

Manifold interventions for primary prevention of addiction have already been carried out in several European schools (including Austrian ones) for many years.   Most of those programmes were however not developed and evaluated in accordance with the current scientific standards, so that as good as no valid conclusions concerning the actual efficiency are possible. Within the framework of the EU-Dap ("European Drug Addicition Prevention Trial") project, for the first time a standardised programme for 11 to 14 year old pupils was developed and scientifically tested for its efficiency by means of RCT in in collaboration with the ISG between 2003 and 2007. This programme called "Unplugged" has so far turned out to be the only efficient programme for the prevention of legal and illegal drug consumption, especially also among less privileged strata of education.  The programme consisting of 12 units was carried out by specially trained teachers, is based on the concept of comprehensive social influence, and combines the correction of false normative beliefs with conveying of life skills. Adolescents develop, partly in a playful way, social skills that enable them to choose a healthy alternative behaviour.   Unplugged is continuously applied in eleven European countries and has recently also been approved and recommended for tuition by the Austrian Ministry of Education (BMUKK-Erlass). As from autumn onwards, it is going to be nationwide available for implementation in secondary modern school and secondary school lower grades, and the necessary trainings for teachers are going to be provided by the ISG in Vienna. Current dates can be enquired by phone or e-mail.