What is Psychological Diagnostics? Print

Psychological tests can be very helpful to make decisions in certain life situations that lead to improvements in personal life.

  • With learning difficulties in school or with one’s studies it can be helpful to find out by means of ability tests, which measures have to be taken to achieve improvements.  For instance, certain trainings or therapies can be indicated, or whether a case of high giftedness is given that needs special furtherance.
  • With vocational changes it can be useful to know about one’s own strengths and interests in more detail, in order to, for example, reach a tried basis for decisions in the context of coaching.
  • In difficult life phases or personal crises that cause serious psychological strain, it is possible to find out whether a psychotherapeutic treatment would be of use with the help of personality diagnostics.

At the ISG, a team of experienced clinical psychologists is at work, and applies only standardised methods for answering those questions.  They are based on the most recent scientific findings and are applied and analysed according to approved, professional standards.

Psychological analyses are carried out at the ISG in connection with a thorough counselling, including a preliminary talk and a debriefing.

In some cases (e.g.: cooperation with psychotherapists or specialists for psychiatry) it can be additionally reasonable to write a statement or expertise that is given to the patient/client (or a legal guardian, respectively).