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How can I get psychological diagnostics?
You can contact your psychologist of choice by phone or e-mail to make an appointment for an initial talk.

How long does diagnostics take?
The duration depends on the question. Usually, questions can be cleared in one or two sessions that each take a maximum of two hours. In some cases (e.g. analysis of intellectual giftedness) tests take up to three hours.

What is a "Contract Psychologist"?
Contract psychologists are clinical psychologists who are registered in a list of the „Hauptverband Österreichischer Sozialversicherungsträger“. Services by contract psychologists can, under certain conditions (see below), be reimbursed with your health insurance company.

What costs are met by the health insurance?
When making use of a contract psychologist, health insurance companies refund 80% of charges that contract psychologists are allowed to charge for clinical-psychological diagnostics.  If you have got a private insurance, you can submit the non-refunded part of the fee.  The costs are only refunded for a clinical problem, that is a question related to a medical condition, but not in the case of ability diagnostics or aptitude tests.

What have I got to do, in order to be able to reimburse costs for a clinical-psychological analysis with my health insurance company?
You can reimburse with your health insurance company, if you bring a referral (medical specialist for neurology/psychiatry or for paediatrics) or a referral from a contract psychologist with you at the first appointment.

How does settlement of cancellation work?
This settlement says that sessions that have already been fixed orally or in written form have to be cancelled 48 hours before the appointed date at the latest. Otherwise, they will be charged.