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In recent years, a worrying trend has occurred: familial and personal problems of children and adolescents increasingly shift to the domain of school and education. Teachers confronted with the students‘ private challenges there  usually neither possess sufficient time resources, nor an according training to respond optimally to this constellation. Emotionally strained children and adolescents therefore feel alone with the various psychic challenges, yet they often do not possess suitable coping strategies, in order to handle them on their own. The reactions in those difficult situations can be very different and are highly individual: they range from aggressive behaviour towards the environment or the own person up to apparently entire passivity and listlessness.

JugendgruppeIn special children- and youth-groups, differentiated by age from 8 to 18 year olds, the ISG-team responds to those challenges and professionally accompanies those involved in the handling of their emotional and social problems.  In small groups, the participants are given the opportunity to get to know and practice alternative strategies of social behaviour.  Playful learning of social structures, strengthening of self-confidence and frustration tolerance, and the right intercourse with peers and older ones are especially important in this process. The group work is based on therapeutic concepts of children and adolescent psychology, and it uses interactive and group dynamics supporting elements. The children and adolescents can develop at ease and personally progress within the secure context of the group.
Groups are offered in 10 consecutive sessions of 60 minutes each. A crucial component of this is a one-time parent evening, which has proved to be of value for the exchange of information after the last group session. The singular costs for participance are € 350.- per child.

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