Institut für Sozial- und Gesundheitspsychologie

Mariahilfer Straße 88a/1/6

1070 Wien

T: (+43) 1 786 18 10 

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The institute has been founded 1994 as a private institution with reserach and practice departments. The multiprofessional team is formed by 10 colleagues from different specializations (psychology, psychotherapy, sociology, economy etc.) working together under the direction of Karl Bohrn, Ph.D. and Sebastian Bohrn, Ph.D.

Working at two locations in Vienna, the main focus of the activities are in the research, prevention and treatment of psychological and physical problems in private and economic context. One of the main objectives of the ISG is to transfer the findings of scientific and practical work in health psychology into the society in order to provide policy makers, experts and people interested in general with actual information.

A special focus of ISG since many years lies in the research of migration and integration. Under the direction of Aida Bohrn, Ph.D., whose commitment in the migration area has been honored with different awards (e.g. the MiA-award 2009 and the federal medal of honor in 2010) engaged scientists and practitioners work together in the research of problem issues and the search for of innovative and sustainable solutions.

On the respective pages of this website you can find selected informations about present and already terminated research projects as well as an overviews of the practical offers of the institute and its team. If you are interested in further contact or want to ask questions or give feedback please contact us.